Take down the curtains…put up the Curtains.

Take off the Cushion Covers…Put on the Cushion Covers…Paint the fence and front door…Oh, myThere is nothing like the Christmas Season to activate all our family and cultural traditions; those going back to 1942 or even before Columbus actually sailed the ocean blue. No one knows really how it all began; we just know there is some handbook somewhere with the list of things that are supposed to be completed by Christmas morning, before the early 5 a.m. service!

It leaves you to ponder, so I didn’t visit the paint store at all during the season, or  I didn’t change any of my household fineries, in fact, I don’t feel like doing any of these things, does that make me:

  1. A bad person
  2. A really, lazy person
  3. The Christmas Grinch
  4. Socially unacceptable
  5. Un-Celebratory of Christ

Christmas, like most other seasons and holidays, have come to be characterized by unwritten codes. Any non-compliance with these codes makes you the odd man out, and heaven forbid should you utter the words:  “So why exactly are we doing this again?”

Before you all jump on me and look for the ‘Dislike” button; please don’t get me wrong …I love some traditions, I love the fact that a new can of paint reminds me of my granny at Christmas as does the smell of newly furnished mahogany; and certainly n all the delicious treats that I definitely do enjoy! Lovely and delicious! But…I am just suggesting that sometimes a “Why “ can be appropriate, especially if you are one that does not feel like doing any of these things, at all. Surely a closer evaluation of the reason for them can be in order.

Here’s my take on Traditions:

If it’s not in your Bible OR the laws of your country OR seriously emotionally or physically hurtful to someone…it’s okay not to comply .. DO YOU!

The very same applies to Easter, bank holidays, funerals…whatever the occasion. We have a tendency to do the same things year after year, and decade after decade with no thought as to why or if it suits us at the time. This would be all fine and dandy IF some people were not in serious bondage. Bondage…Emotional and financial bondage.

I went to a supermarket two weeks before Christmas last year, it wasn’t even evening time and there were sooooo many people there! I looked at the crowd in shock and wonder and turned to a man and said “I’m confused”, to which he explained  “It is the loans! It is the loans!”  Mercy 🙂 …lol lol He was probably right. But the fact that there is now such a thing as a Christmas loan serves to prove my point that some tradition(s) are creating this sense of obligation.

Christ came to set us free, and though, I can’t speak for my Saviour on this, I am almost certain that He is not sitting on heaven’s throne rejoicing that people are getting loans for a season that is supposed to celebrate His birth (even if the loans are to buy gifts).To me, if you simply couldn’t afford Christmas gifts and fineries, those that love and respect you should understand.

That’s just my two cents, you don’t have to agree but try asking ‘Why” every now and then. Who knows the answer(s) may set you free!!

Doing Me 🙂 

Coach D